Collecting Vintage Dresses

Different specialty boutiques are popping up and the best fashion designers take us back in time, clearly showing that vintage is in. From celebrities to your best friends, wherever you look you can see women sporting either head to toe polished vintage look or at least a little vintage accent like necklace or a purse. Vintage is not only fashionable, it’s also pretty, fun and most of the time very feminine, which is why it’s guaranteed to make a splash at your prom. So if you consider yourself fashion forward, vintage is the way to go.vintage fashion
If you’re not afraid to make a bold statement, you can incorporate vintage into your prom look with an amazing dress. Before you head over to specialty boutiques, take a look in the attic or ask your mother, because there may be some vintage prom dresses hanging around, saved by your mom or even grandmother for an occasion like this. Minor alterations and the right accessories and you’ll show everybody what vintage really means. And if there are no prom dresses saved by the women in your family, take a look at what vintage stores have to offer, as they carry a myriad of items from different decades. You could also design your own vintage-inspired dress and have it made to order, which will allow you to choose everything from the color to the buttons, making it your dream prom dress.
If you prefer to make a more toned down vintage fashion statement, mixing your modern prom dress with vintage looking make up and hair will be a great way to play with your look. Take a look at some old family pictures, the older the better, for ideas on how the women before you wore their hair or did their eyes. Browse online in search of vintage fashion pictures and try different hair dos as well as make up ideas on yourself. Forget about what you’re used to and experiment in search for the perfect prom style that will work with your dress, your hair texture or your facial features and coloring the best. Reach out and have your grandmother help you with an intricate do she used to wear, or make an appointment at the beauty salon to create a professional look, and enjoy that bit of vintage at your prom.

Vintage Tees
Somewhere between going all vintage with the dress  and going minimalist with just hair and make up, there is always a touch of vintage fashion you can pull off easily no matter what your budget. All you have to do is visit a few stores in search of the right shoes, purse and jewelry. Even the simplest dress can be given a flare of vintage with the right accessories, and you don’t have to pay premium for them as many stores carry vintage inspired lines at a fraction of say original 1950’s mint condition pieces. So just take a look around and try mixing and matching the old with the new for a beautiful, interesting prom look.

First Lady vintage dresses